... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

San Lluis Trotting Races

Back blip: Menorca day 8
More action in large ("L").

There is a "hipodrom" at San Lluis (south of Maó) at which trotting races take place every Saturday (although it was delayed until the Tuesday because of the Maó fiesta). The whole affair seems rather comedic (go as fast as you can without breaking into a "running" gait?), but some people take it very seriously. They do trot very quickly and it makes a fun evening out (if taken with a pinch of salt, and with pantomime passion). Two of my (verbally) backed horses had promising form and came in last...

My holiday photo album on Flickr is here.
Other photos from today are right from this cactus.
Highlights: Full trot!, Spectators, & Rearing Up

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