By Terraldinho

Day 5: Bummed out

Due to roadworks, giant 6-lane highways and dickhead drivers, we arrived in Miami later than planned and had to dib straight out to get to the Miami Marlins baseball game. In a bid to avoid a 50-odd dollar round taxi trip, and against our better judgement after a long drive, Yesska drove to the game. Except she didn't, because the sat nav took us to the wrong stadium and then wouldn't recognise the true address. An hour and a half magical mystery tour around Miami's ghettos ensued; kids sitting in the dirt at the kerbside in the dark, a drug dealer working the streets from his ice cream van, dickhead drivers and unfathomable streets. You wouldn't think that finding a stadium could be so difficult but it bloody was. We had to give up and go back to the hotel. We were tired, arsey and disappointed.

Yesska is currently complaining to the Miami Marlins, their promoters, the manufacturer of the sat nav and it's software, the City of Miami and the President of the United States.

On the plus side, they gave us a free room upgrade to a small suite :) The hotel is beautiful and I'm writing from a rooftop terrace with a complimentary mojito. Rain is forecast for tomorrow but fuck it. I'm on holiday and I'm going to the beach.

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