By sp33dway

where land meets sea

Took myself off for a wander with the camera for a couple of hours today in the midday heat, whilst littleA dressed up as an indian at the mini-club and ladySp33d had a natterchat with the mum of two little girls littleA has befriended.

I got lost in the moment good style, and found plenty of places I could've lost myself in for days on end. I had all good intentions of taking myself off every day with tripod and camera, for sunrises and sunsets, for street shots and skies, knowing little of what a family holiday abroad would truly be like. The change in pace compared to our previous holidays abroad with just the two of us is IMMENSE: No lies in, no late nights, no lying on sun loungers for an entire afternoon or spending hours of an evening doing nothing but eating and drinking and chilling under a setting sun. The timing of meals has become ever-more crucial as the days go on (to avoid the dreaded paddywhacksofdoom (although with ladySp33d getting in a nark-on if you missed lunch by more than half an hour you'd think I was used to that already)) and we quickly found out that little legs and walking in foreign heat don't go together even with a delicious super-duper-ice-cream in hand. We'll also never accidentally wander too far away from a convenient 'I'm desperate' toilet or somewhere with enough shade ever again.

What is surprisingly ace though is that everything revolves around spending hours and hours of quality time together at the pool or the beach, which is something we would've mixed in spaced-out measures if we were on our own in a place with lots of interesting things to see and do. The evenings I imagined meandering down nearby streets, grabbing a tapas here, a slug of sangria there, with a Tired Ted in my arms never materialised because littleA never has been one to just flick her 'doing' switch off in favour of exhaustion, but if I'm honest just playing open-toed along the sandy cove in the moonlight giggling as ice-cold water lapped our feet or standing still till we sunk in sand to our ankles is hard to beat.

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