In Your Arms

Karma Kid - In My Arms (Armeria's Full Of Happiness Edit)

Coming home at 8am today, I spent most of the day sleeping after an awesome night at the Plastic Factory. Thankfully I got enough sleep, went to the gym and then to Ozone to meet my friends for a walk around the park in the rain. The two pictured have been together for a while now and it's great to see such energy. We had dinner at an Indian restaurant after and enjoyed conversation and good food. The dinner and meeting helped me to further value the love that I have and the love that I lost.

After, I got back home and searched through DC's catalogue for comics to read. Obviously I was going through Batman because I LOOOOVVEEE Batman, but then looked into Alan Moore's work because Watchmen was amazing, then got interested in reading his take on Swamp Thing. Then I delved further into the catalogue and got interested in The Sandman and Hellblazer, then wondered why I hadn't read Preacher and 100 Bullets before. My goodness, I love comics. I then started watching documentaries on Frank Miller and Alan Moore.

Good times, then my neighbours knocked on my door....

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