Plans in Process

Sandy from Urban Construction come around this afternoon with the plans for my rebuild of my earthquake damaged home. Apart from a few little things it looks really good and am looking forward to seeing finished .. one day!

With rebuilds you have to use the same footprint and sq metres of the original house and if there is any changes you have to pay for them. All I am doing is using the sq metres from the conservatory to add onto the bedroom areas so I can add a on-suite bathroom to the master bedroom. In doing this the bedrooms are bigger along with the main bathroom.

I never used the conservatory must as it was too hot in summer and too cold in winter and that area can be turned into a deck area with the doors of the living room opening out on it. All I will have to pay is for the plumbing and the on-suit. As I am not having all the Rimu wood in the ceiling and around the bath and in the toilet area, that costing will go towards the new on-suit. Also there are a number of other things I am not having so in all hopefully it will not cost too much!

My sons what to look at the plans and if they say it is Ok then I sign it all up and the process starts to a new home. Otherwise it is making more changes again.

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