Shades of Pink

And this is how it was….. The early light over the lower Richmond Range to the north-west was amazing… There was not a cloud to be seen and the sky was a delicate shade of pink. The south-east wind had died down overnight and there was a chill in the air with heavy dew on the ground.
The wind sock is on the perimeter of the Omaka Airfield and is showing the wind from the westerly quarter. Minutes after I captured this image a big helicopter took off from the airfield and headed off to the east to hover over the Wither Hills Farm Park in the location of yesterday’s serious fire. Fire crews are still working at damping down at least 20“hotspots” as I write. The wind is brisk and is from the nor-west quarter today and so it is imperative that all care is taken to prevent a flare-up of the fire.
The Wither Hills Farm Park is closed at present for safety reasons and also there are heavy fire-fighting vehicles still present on some tracks.
Two regular Farm Park walkers joined me for part of my early walk along the Taylor River tracks. Both were adamant that circumstances would not prevent them for getting in their routine daily walk for health.

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