Life from a City

By LeggeAngie

A Good Scare

Chantler's October 2014 Word Challenge - Warning

Tonight I took my daughter and 2 friends to the Yorkshire Scare Grounds. Its a night-time walk through woods, and various buildings, full of scenery and actors designed to give you a fright. A bit like a very big ghost train. It also came across as a bit of a homage to some horror films, Severence, Blair Witch, Chucky, Chainsaw Massacre, plus the zombie and vampire genres.

We had a great time, and didn't stop laughing throughout. I find these kind of things, done on rare occasions, are a release. They take your fears, and enable you to put them in a place and deal with them. You take the warnings, and this helps you deal with the fear.

About half way round tonight, as we reached the zombie zone, someone mentioned that the bloodstained characters might have ebola. Everyone laughed. People have been scared by the press, and this was a way they could deal with it - put it in a place where they could face the fear. People are still concerned about the horror of that faced elsewhere, and some may even be part of local preparations to ensure we could safely deal with a situation should it arise; but this enabled people to face the fears they have.

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