By acronymphomania

Solitude Series

Today has been an interesting, though not terribly productive day. I woke up feeling slightly off balance, and it continued. I was aware of feeling a bit got I was being questioned, which is always a warning sign for me to stop, think, and make adjustments.

It took me until lunchtime to figure out that people, tweets, the grid and demands were getting to me...(not that any of the wonderful people and exciting things are bad, it's jus the last 8 days has been wall to wall folk)

I had lunch at Howie's with the CEO of the charity I chair, before heading into the Scottish Government for a meeting, which, ironically, covered Steps for Stress and prevention of depression!

I decided to take advantaqge of the weather and the blip opportunitiy and headed up Calton Hill. Where I found lots of people doing similar things to get their me time.

I took three blip contenders, all of which feature lone people doing something realxing or contemplative, and that's when I started to realise that it was solitude that I needed to help me reset...a bit of nothing time for my mind to wander, a bit of fresh air and excercise.

A good walk did me the power of good, and with last night's Glee and an early night in prospect, I will be right as rain tomorrow.

The photo i've gone for features this chap reading his book standing on the National Monument. Behind him you can see Leith's streets and the Firth of Forth. I liked it because again you can imagine multiple narratives behind it...where is he from, what is he reading, where is the book taking him...where does he wish he must be good to keep him glued to it with his back to the view....

The other two images I shot were:

Contemplation with the Breeze


I wish I had a blip card

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