FEAST Sunday - dreich but cheerful

This was the first FEAST Sunday in two years that the rain has fallen, so I can't complain. The traders were stoic and this year's fitted stalls, not yet rain-tested, did a superb job. As we watched the raindrops fill the brightly coloured ceramic bowls and vases, I shivered with the traders as we remembered 2012 - the year we suffered a drenching at every single FEAST Sunday. The stalls back then were shells with tarpaulin covers that sagged with ever-expanding puddles until we brandished a broom handle to release the reservoirs. It was a miracle we didn't cause any flash floods!

The Toasted Pip served fantastic coffee, though the rain threatened to get the better of him. We volunteers helped to build a makeshift shelter for him and the coffee van - camping experience, a waterproof cover and some bungee cords were all valuable to this task.

We did a dance of joy when Lovesome Cake produced hot apple crumble and custard. Hooray! I enjoyed two helpings at either side of a Welsh rarebit. I left the popcorn until later.

Thanks, folks, for another splendid FEAST. I always buzz after volunteering for a day in my local neighbourhood full of lovely, lovely people!

More pictures here.

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