Another Blipper Jerry WSL made me think (last night or this morning) about my shop local project, and I decided to run a wee Blip project to showcase the places I use.

Today I was at the farm shop - Pillars of Hercules in Falkland - mostly to stock up on organic fruit and veg. I timed it so I could have lunch there too - veggie bean chilli. Delicious.

I also bumped into J from Rotary who is another fan and ordering up lunch too.

Mid afternoon I was off to the other end of Fife to visit N. She just moved to a new apartment this week, and needed a bit of company to sooth the soul. Very happy to oblige - tea and gossip only, I should add.

The Blip came about as a result of Scotland's momentous decision to impose a "bag tax" to try to reduce the number of plastic bags (supermarket mostly) causing environmental problems. Shops must now charge £0.05p per plastic bag requested by customers.

Well, I know customers don't expect free bags in Germany or Ireland, and no doubt most of the rest of Europe as well. So what's the big deal?

I've had my Pillars bag for ages. Perfect.

[For those who don't know, the Pillars of Hercules are Gibraltar and Ceuta on either side of the Strait of Gibraltar. It's also the title of a travel book by Paul Theroux, but not an obvious name for a farm].

[How bizarre. Just discovered I Blipped Pillars on 4-11-13. Strange things, brains.]

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