Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco


I am fascinated with these huge birds - they look like some sort of relic from a prehistoric age, don't they? This is a wood stork, the only stork that is native to North America. Their heads are bald and they have giant pink feet - making them truly odd looking. That said, I find them strangely beautiful, which may have to do with the glimmer in their eyes ... or perhaps how graceful they are in flight. Anyway, I've been hoping to get a close enough look at one to get a shot like this...and today was my day.

Today is mainly an office day, although I took an hour to go to Boca Ciega to "play" - and as usual, I saw many interesting things. Mostly, though, it was just nice to be out in the sunshine with my camera. I've posted six other shots on Flickr, starting HERE with a brown thrasher. Few more pics of the wood stork, too, including a close up of the feet. Worth a look.

Outdoor Guy and I have made a plan to meet up on Wednesday at Ft DeSoto, and as an added bonus, he's bringing his lovely bride, Lisa! Stay tuned...

Dinner tonight is black rice, farro, asaragus, meyer lemon (thank you, Carol!) and maybe a bit of goat cheese. And some pignoli nuts... Served cold with a nice crisp NZ Savignon blanc and some crusty grain bread...

Cheers, people.


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