River of Flowers

By doffy

Seagulls at Dusk

Up early to get to the Christmas Fair in Benllech for 8.30 this morning.

A very successful event, lots of lovely volunteers and stall holders. I sold a lot of jewellery and made a few more new friends. Also got myself some small plants of Hoya Bella. They look very pretty in the photos, I've put two in the greenhouse and one on the kitchen windowsill, I hope one of them survives!! I was also persuaded to buy an old fashioned flower press, we have one in this house somewhere but have been unable to find it - I fancy pressing flowers, watch this space ...!

A beautiful sunny day, pottered a little bit in the greenshouse but feeling quite tired. MrD has cleaned our very steep concrete drive with the pressure washer, it was getting very slippy and I was afraid of landing on my derriere ... again!!

The seagulls fly over every day at dusk, I love watching them - this photo does not really do them justice ... must try harder! :-(((

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