a good one

An enjoyable Rotary meeting over breakfast today, with a good speaker from our local community radio station K107. Coffee and a couple of bacon rolls to add icing to the cake.

A haircut later in the morning, so a good chinwag with Jimmy and now my Dapper Dan image is complete.

In the evening I made lahmacun for the first time - a kind of Turkish pizza/ street food. Big success. A bit of work as it involves making bread dough - better for a weekend meal next time.

In the afternoon I drove over to Burntisland to buy garlic and get some fresh air. The veg shop was shut for a funeral, but the sun came out and I enjoyed my wee stroll along the promenade.

That's where I got the Blip. Whenever I travel to Edinburgh the train passes this way. It's always a great part of the journey.

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