A touch early but...

... I made our Christmas tree today.

Gina and Miles arrived back safely - Miles gave me the biggest smile I've ever seen when he saw me at the airport. Way to make a Dad feel special!!

Gina was keen to get some decorations up in the house to keep our mood up and happy. We don't have a fake christmas tree, and with my unemployment approaching at a drastic pace, it doesn't seem like a good idea to buy one (esepecially as we're away from Boxing Day). I decided to make one - I'd kept the box that our bathroom vanity came in and it was laminated MDF. A bit of fun with the Jigsaw and half an hour later we had something to decorate with last year's decorations! No star, so we put up our dodgy fairy doll again. I don't think it's too bad for essentially free! Miles thinks it's cool anyway.

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