... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

Goosles! Pigeon problems...

More affronted in large ("L").

Yay, it was lovely to see the Goosles and they seem well! I went to see them this morning and this afternoon: there was a rather sudden squall in the afternoon so that was only a very brief visit. My mother brought oats so the Goosles came right over, but there are loads of other birds around* so there was quite a bit of squabbling over food. The Goosles didn't get much in the end as the pigeons kept swooping in and swarming all over the oats. Both Goosles found that rather unappealing and snapped at the pigeons, but they didn't seem too fussed. There is a young coot that is both huge and unreasonably confident: it was within touching distance when I was photographing the Goosles...

I've uploaded some other shots to Flickr (right from my first shot of the day: Goosles marching over to meet us).
Mr. likes oats
Confident coot close-up
Mrs. preening
Mrs.: pigeon whisperer
Mr. looking affronted

*Coots, moorhens, pigeons, black-headed gulls, greylag and Canada geese, shovelers and mallards, and there were even 2 cormorants and a heron this morning.

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