Back and Forth thru time

By pingufivemins

Jingle all the way

Evening all.

We had a very Christmassy type morning today.
Number 1 daughter and I ventured out to the local garden centre where we get our tree from.

It's a great place where you can go and pick the tree that you want and they cut it for you there and then, the smell of the sap and the needles is evocative and unquestionably seasonal and ever so slightly magical.

The experience was hugely enhanced today not just by the shop dog that lolls around with big sad eyes and compulsory saggy tail,but by the little orphaned Pygmy goat by the name of Benjamin that lives in the shop, has it's own little basket to sleep in, and skips around the store looking into everyone's baskets and following them their every steps.

Turns out it has many views on you tube and has even been on the bbc news.

At one stage I was overtaken in the shop by a lady pushing a baby in a pram, followed by a dog, followed by a Pygmy goat....

I don't think that's coincidence.....not this time of year any way!

Night all

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