Daffodil Day

This is James, a regular collector for the irish Cancer Society on Daffodil Day. He spent days putting this outfit together a few years ago, and has taken it out again each year since. Its first outing was not an auspicious one. The weather was abysmal on that occasion, and James was forced to cut up some bin liners to protect himself and his daffodils from the downpour.

Fortunately, things have been better for its subsequent outings, today was actually quite pleasant, and he was thoroughly enjoying the attention he was getting and busily ticking off a long list of people from different countries who'd wanted to have their picture taken with him. I've been threatening to blip him for a few years now, but haven't remembered Daffodil Day until it was too late. This year, fortunately, I was on the ball (helped to a certain extent by the collectors on duty in the hospital this morning when I went there for rehab), and I made a point of going in to town to track down James.

Well done to him and to all the collectors who give so freely of their time in aid of this worthy charity.

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