Dublin Shooter

By dublinshooter


A bit of a not-much-happened day, really. I had an especially lazy morning and didn't even head outside the house until around 2.30 to satisfy an urgent need for milk and other grocery essentials.

After a largely unproductive afternoon I ventured out again to take advantage of some evening sunshine (which we're told marks the start of a few days of decent weather to come). Blipping was uninspired. I was almost home with not much of any interest in the can when I noticed this rosebud in a neighbour's garden. I'm far from being a horticultural expert, but I couldn't understand why this little beauty hadn't opened yet. Adding to the mystery were the water droplets on the leaves, since there'd been no rain for a good few hours, and the streets were dry -- surely the gardener hadn't felt the need to add further water to all the rainfall we've had already.

Hopefully I'll have better blip luck tomorrow. I have a 9.00 am appointment at the hospital for a further progress x-ray and assessment of my damaged wrist. If I could cross my fingers I would. Hopefully the news will be good. If it is, I might even get back to doing some extended commenting.

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