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By delphwynd

New Knees Please

Bank Holiday, the sun was shining and the Hills were a-calling my name. "Brian", they said, "get you lardy ass of that sofa and get up here". So we did.

We went off on an expedition to track down the last of this winter's snow. And somewhere above Balquharn Dam we found it! [video]. So we made some snowballs and had a snowball fight with the sheep. They were rubbish until one of the bigger ones clicked on to the fact small lambs made excellent snowballs when rolled up and thrown. We surrendered.*

We headed back down after scoffing Monster Munch and bananas and this was when my old man knees started to give me gip. Should maybe have tackled something less strenuous for the first hill climb since last October. Took ages to get down and I'm now back stuck on the sofa reeking of Ralgex.

Great day, spoiled only at the last gasp when we were on the single track road heading back to the car. Two apprentice heid-the-balls were bombing along the road here on some motor bike that sounded like a demented bee in a tin can, terrorising the pedestrians out for a quiet walk. He screeched to a halt as he passed me then was all in my face because he thought I'd been taking a picture of him (I'd had my mobile phone in my hand as they zipped passed). I'm not proud, I did use a few choice expletives in earshot of Euan and another old couple nearby and if my knees hadn't been near seized up both of them and their illegal bike were going in the ditch. He got a bit upset when I 'asked' them to get back on their wee toy and 'Get tae Falkirk'.

Must admit I kept my eye out for nice big sticks as we walked the mile or so back to the car, just in case they turned up with a few of their neeburs. Samantha thinks I'm mellowing with age. With these knees I think I'm just falling apart.

*We didn't really. We'd never surrender; we kicked their muttony ass.

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