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Lairosufni goes on holiday... West Port, where he finds secondhand book shops, gatecrashes a literary shindig, gets a bit tipsy and steals a book before legging it to the Grassmarket to buy some chips.

This is another wondrous Lair pic by Cinn.
I did actually gatecrash a literary shindig last night. The Masters people were all out for drinks, then we got dragged (dragged I tell you! it wasn't the lure of free wine at all) to Edinburgh Books, which is this really awesome secondhand bookstore in West Port (nearby Armchair Books and other delights). They were launching the programme for the West Port book festival that is in June.
It was a really good night, and the weather is amazing (which makes everything all the more special. Edinburgh is a stunning city, but the weather can be erratic...I think 'erratic' is the polite way of putting it).
We ended up in the basement for a bit, as upstairs was heaving with people (I actually got introduced to someone as "the next Angela Carter"! hahaaa! HUGE ego! but they had already had a bit to drink, so i should take that with a pinch of salt...still, it made me happy!)
Anyway, you can check out exciting basement shenanigans here (ginger Jesus meets Elvis. we ROCKED that party).

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