By D77

Students and photos

Work is becoming increasingly isolating, doing my current fragile state of mind no good at all. Today though, an entertaining respite came in the form of a group of students from my engineering class who, having turned up to university suited and booted (for a presentation), were taking photos of each other. The girl of the group (Fatma, pictured) was the one with the camera (she bought the same one as me after seeing me around with it) and as Lyndsey and I watched them from the staff window I had an inkling that standing under direct sunlight in front of the photocopy centre probably wasn't doing their photos any justice. So, with a little push from Lyndsey I popped downstairs and offered Fatma my 50mm and gave a quick lesson in all things ISO, Av and Tv related.

Needless to say, they were all mighty chuffed with the end results, and it felt good to have helped them with that little memory.

P.S. With regard to the shocking MAiT cheat-a-thon on yesterday's blip, I will admit defeat in the sprint. The marathon is where it was always at though, and so The Pint is still likely to be won by David77 very much for the taking.

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