On My Doorstep

By bwhere


I was going to take a photo of me in the bath but I noticed the honeysuckle and it called to me to takes its photo instead.

It is the essence of rural living for me. It came with the house and every summer it has brought pleasure. Its scent creeps up on one. It drifts with the breeze so you never know when you will catch it. It is stronger when there is dampness in the air. On some evenings it is so intense that it is overwhelming. Sometimes the wind is strong enough to sweep all smell of it away.

It was under this honeysuckle bush that we found a heap of metalwork. The previous owner of the house collected whatever wood was left lying around in the village and all the hinges, latches, and fixings ended up here when the wood had been burned. Does honeysuckle like ferrous residue? It has thrived.

We bought honeysuckle bushes to plant elsewhere but they have never matched this one.

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