By jarvisness

You get the pitcher

The Jarvis is not obsessed with sporting facts - that is the preserve of the Hennigan. However, the Jarvis is aware that knowledge is power, and likes to have a broad overview of sports history in order to appreciate the significance of sporting events. Hence the reading of the late Johnny Warren's "Sheilas, Wogs and Poofters" with a beer or three before the Germany v Australia World Cup Match. Warren was one of Australian football's most influential figures, as captain and vice-captain during three World Cup qualifying campaigns - one successful, taking them to West Germany in 1974 - and later as a broadcaster and ambassador for the game in a country which often ignored it. The title of his memoirs reflects the prevailing view about football (or soccer) in Australia in the 1960s and 1970s. Warren had to fight his publishers' wishes to change the book's title. While it's not the usual star-studded football biography, it is an interesting insight into how the game developed in Australia. Unfortunately, he died before seeing Australia qualify for the World Cup in Germany in 2006. He was given a full state funeral.

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