Pictorial Allsorts

By calvininjax

State of Decay

The Ricoh Forum is running a competition based on the theme of "Ruins". I am not one for entering photographic competitions -- I do not need reminding of my modest talent -- but it did get me thinking about today's blip.

A house a couple of blocks away on Post Street is in a terrible state, whether it qualifies as a ruin is debatable but I thought I would head over there and see what I could do.

As you can see, the house is in a bad way. It really should be pulled down but it appears the City of Jacksonville is not so empowered. Such a draconian measure is available to city councils in the United Kingdom, especially in designated historic districts.

A few weeks back, I happened to get into conversation with the guy who lives next door. Understandably, he is not happy with this house blighting his environment. Nor would I be. Even more frustrating for him is the fact that he works for the city planning department and is well aware that the city's hands are tied.

I know "big government" is a sore point with many Americans but surely it cannot be right that one individual has the right to do absolutely nothing with this property and spoil the neighborhood for everyone else.

I had half a mind to present this image in B&W but then I liked the blue sky and pine tree reflected in the broken window. Still not sure if I made the right decision. I guess I will soon find out. :-)

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