multiply tooled

Although I still had the pedal-spanner attachment I was so convinced that I'd somehow permanently lost my bicycle multitool that I replaced it less than a week ago with something slightly smaller seeing as I'd recently found my full-sized chain tool. Yesterday after work I'd gone the long way home past the old home in order to check for the presence of mail (absent) and the presence of leaks from the newly-re-valved bathroom radiator effluent pipe (absent) and had noticed the presence of my rucksack (large, old) in the cupboard, left there in case it was required to pack things in for transport to the new home. When Nicky's colleague/pal/child-equipment-donor/reseller rang in the evening asking if we had a spare rucksack as hers had just broken the evening before she was heading off on holiday I had assumed (as it was the last thing I remembered doing with either rucksack) that the large new rucksack was still packed inside the large old rucksack in the cupboard in the old flat, though passed on my insistence that either would be easy to fetch by bicycle and went to prepare in order to go and fetch it. After a couple more calls to other people to check that solutions deemed slightly easier than quickly trundling to Newington and back were not available I was about to head off when I had a last check of the cupboard at the top of the stairs and found the large new rucksack complete with the old bicycle multi-tool which must have been in the side pocket since returning from Belgium last autumn.

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