The second half of life..

By twigs

At last!

I had another very lazy morning - took my time getting up (I blame the sound of the sea for keeping me totally mesmersied!) and, by about midday, was packed up and ready to leave. It's always a hard thing leaving Golden Bay, even after just a couple of days and I would love to stay here for a lot longer, but appointments tomorrow mean I had to be back in town.

Still, it was pretty good timing as the clouds had come in overnight and things were beginning look distinclty grey and less than golden!

The drive back is primarily through countryside and there are always hawks gliding around overhead somewhere. I've been on a minor mission for the past forever to capture a hawk (on camera, not literally!) so when I spotted this chap tucking into a bit of rabbit just off the roadside I pulled over very quickly. Had just managed to surreptitiously wind the window down and snap this shot when he got wind of me and took off.

There followed almost 45 minutes of me sitting in the car with window down waiting for my opportunity..........

At least 2 other hawks dropped in for a nibble before sensing my presence and disappearing. At one time, for the briefest of moments, 2 hawks were attempting to nibble into the meal at the same time but it became very apparent to me just where the saying "watching like a hawk" comes from! The slightest of movement from me meant that the hawk would take off and disappear into the bush somewhere nearby. He'd watch intently then, sensing no apparent movement, he'd come in again for another nibble - a shuffle from me and he was off again.......and so this went on for maybe 45 minutes.

I finally had to admit he was better than me and that he deserved his meal - and sure enough, as I drove off, I watched him swoop in to his prey in my rear-view mirror!

Back to the drawing board on that one!

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