Kodak 'Brownie' Mac Edition

After dropping Layla and Bella off at the station and taking care of all domestic duties, I spent most of the day in my shed turning the Brownie into a modern digital camera for the life.turns. exhibition.

It was a bit of a bugger grinding down the lens barrel to make sure it wasn't visible in the frame, but it was worth it - it's working a treat. If you're at Inspace on the opening night or over the festival, you'll be able to take your own life.turns. pose with this little baby and upload it straight to Blip.

I did take a short break to cycle a 26 mile route to Dalkeith and back. I stupidly chose my moment perfectly to coincide with the only major downpour of the day. Luckily I found refuge in a concrete underpass with cathedral like acoustics, and passed the time entertaining myself.

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