By Mimthing

Bishop Wilton Show

The 3rd Saturday of July is the day for our annual Agricultural Show and Craft Fair. It is the day that traditionally the kids of the village as they have grown to have kids themselves, bring along the new members to be shown off to anyone who cares to care. They come back from all over the country, it is a wonderful way of keeping up with old and new. Unfortunately my new granddaughter couldn't be shown off, she was poorly (better now) so didn't come. We did however manage to have more of my family there this year than any previous year that I can think of........brother, sister, cousins, nephews, nieces and great nephews. Too many of us to get together for a blip. Tho' * on my doorstep* managed to get the blippers one by one...what a clever chappie he is.
We had the usuall showers mixed in with sunshine and blue skies -July........what else do we get?

The day cannot be spoken of without mentioning that a wonderful man and a staunch supporter of the Show sadly passed away two days beforehand.
We observed a one minute silence at 11am.
To hear the field fall silent was both incredibly moving and something to behold, a true testament to a great friend of the Show.

The bird?
I know.........do you?
The birds of prey displays were by Ridgeside Falconry, Co Durham.

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