Managed to squeeze in the second barbecue of the summer today. It was the end of May/start June we had the the last I think and it's just not been dry/warm enough to build up the enthusiasm for one since. But, as the kids are now about to return to school, the weather's obviously turned for the better and it was time to wipe the cobwebs (literally, there was loads) off the barby and cremate some square sausages.

After 10 days worth of blips with multiple Euans I thought it was time to redress the balance with one of his big sister.

Heather was looking through some old holiday photos here and I realised this batch of photos were probably the last I actually sent off to print as hard copies from a holiday that was four years ago. There are some crackers in there of Hez that she'd happily take a pair of scissors to (her hair was much more ginger back then, her freckles were out in force and it was before she'd finished a four year orthodontic treatment to straighten her teeth). It's amazing the change in everyone in that time though, and it's good to have something more physical than a digital copy sometimes so that we're reminded that the time our kids are kids passes all too quickly.

Barbecue was cut short after some neighbours fired up a 500w PA system in their garden 30 yards away from us for some karaoke. Our wee ipod and Don Henley couldn't compete with that so we gave up. Would've been nice to have some prior warning of that so we could've arranged something else maybe but I guess a bit of neighbourly consideration, like our barbecue summer, is a thing of the past.

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