Swimming Against The Tide

By ViolaMaths

In The Kitchen

This morning we moved Smudge's cage out of the utility room and into the kitchen in the next stage of her integration into the family. This meant that she and Pebbles had pretty free access to each other all day.

Pebbles is not the slightest bit concerned - she was very happy today, sitting on my sofa most of the day, and only a bit miffed when I wouldn't let her eat the cereal I was having for lunch!

When Felix and Tiggy came in tonight Tiggy wasn't too worried either. Felix is a bit scared of Smudge though. He responded to meeting her by throwing up and then adopting a rather startled expression! He's a big softie, and all his cat friends outside the house are boys - he'll get used to her in time though - when Tiggy first arrived he wouldn't go within a mile of her!

Smudge continues to be delightful, although extremely messy! This morning I had to remove everything from the cage and put all the soft things through the wash. She treads in her food and water bowls a lot, carelessly drapes her tail in her water, and then grinds the lot into a sort of muddy paste on the floor of the cage! Fortunately, she doesn't mind the sound of the washing machine!

In the process of removing the stuff, Smudge had a little tour of the dining room (unplanned). It ended with one very large woman under the table making squeaking noises to attract one very small cat!

I am, at this time in my life, simply a humble human slave to the feline race!

Other news: there isn't really any. My life is dominated by cats at the moment!

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