By cullaloe

The Moon

I went out tonight to catch the clear sky and captured this of our moon, a few others and a half-decent shot (for my little camera) of Jupiter and a couple of her beautiful moons. The set is on Flickr. I chose this one because there's a lot of detail in it, although it's not as bright as some of the others.

Quite chuffed to have got to my first Blip century without a break: I love this site because it's pretty, it works really well, and for the wonderfully supportive and truly creative people that make up the community.

If you're a blipper but not a full member, please sign up for full membership if your means allow it.

** p.s. **

Thanks to all for your very kind and encouraging comments. I've enjoyed my blipday!

For those who asked, I just set up the camera at maximum zoom (80x) on a tripod, used the 2 second timer to eliminate wobble from my clumsy paws, and messed about with the exposure to get the detail here. Manual focus, timing priority. There are, of course, much better examples around!

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