Dodge'y Blips

By RachelD

Loved up ducks...

If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, looks like a duck, it must be a duck

A silly one from me today, i lack inspiration.. maybe because i've spent the day constantly changing the baby! and i don't think anyone really wanted to see the contents of that.. let alone me for the 6th time already today.

I've had the dinner on cooking since 9am this morning (in the slow cooker) and its really smelling nice now.. Nothing like beef stew on a cold rainy day to come home from work too is there.. IF i find the motivation i shall make some yorkshire puddings to go with it.

The girls are already getting cabin fever, so i hope its not too bad weather tomorrow so we can at least get out for a bit.

Hope everyones having a fun day.

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