Return of the prodigal duck...

I came home to a small package in the post. Didn't have a clue what it could be and was racking my brain trying to think of my visits to E-Bay and Amazon.

Opened the top to be graced with big red letters spelling out the word "QUACK". Ah ha, Bucky has made his way north after an extended visit to Newcastle.

I tried to calculate his route in Google maps but it just wouldn't allow me to calculate the route from Orkney in Scotland to Anchorage in Alaska where Chaos and Scintilla looked after him for a while. Anyway, here's
his british internal trip so far.

Bucky just wants to see the world so if you would like him to visit you and appear in your BlipBlog, just drop him an e-mail with your address details to

You can see the rest of his adventures so far by searching for
BuckyBlip in the Blipfoto tags.

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