By Chaos

No Bad Days Espresso

So, take a guess, is it AM or PM?

Am I driving to work or driving home from work?

No Bad Days Expresso is just down the road from our home, on the way to and on the way from work, every day. Just drive up and get your java, no need to get out of your car. The danger: hot liquids spill in moving vehicles!

Remember, in Anchorage, there are coffee shops or huts or kiosks on every corner.

As the days are getting darker, the coffee shops are bringing out the bright lights.

Here are some present day statistics for Anchorage, Alaska to help you:

Sun rise: 9:05 AM
Sun set: 6:20 PM

Length of day: 9 hours 15 minutes
Tomorrow will be 5 minutes 36 seconds shorter than today.

Temperature: 28 - 38 degrees F

Weather: Fog, Rain, Freezing Rain, Snow

So, take a guess, is it AM or PM? driving to work or driving home?



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