She left me on Friday...

By DiscoDown


I've been working in Glasgow since May and, if I'm totally honest, it's been a living hell (the job, not the city). I have been working stupid hours and never once got the camera out in a city with so many photo opportunities.

It was my wife's birthday on Friday so we had some family round for a barbecue today. The food was great (even if I do say so myself), the beer nice and cold, the weather was ok, and the kids had a great time with our dogs. In all the fun and good times that ensued I never once thought to get my camera out; that's how much the habit has died since I've moved jobs.

So, to kick start the habit again, I got the camera out once everyone had left and took some shots of Betty, our 9 month-old Boxer pup. Getting her to stay still long enough for a decent shot was a challenge after so long without using my camera!

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