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Labor day

It's labor day today in the U.S., which means schools are closed. So that means both me and my boy are home. I decided early that we would go for a hike today in hopes of burning off some of their energy. I'm not sure it worked, as they are more hyper than ever right this moment.

I took them to the South Slough Sanctuary out in Charleston. We had a great time wandering through the woods looking for squirrels, chipmunks and woodpeckers. They found walking sticks that quickly turned to fighting swords and were swiftly confiscated. They poked at all the strange mushrooms that my 2 year old referred to as marshmallows.

We hiked down the Hidden Creek trail, which is where this photo was taken. I loved the light and deep colors as we walked down the mountain to the slough. The boys loved all the small bridges and pathways. This is my oldest running back and forth on a small bridge that crosses Hidden Creek.

My husband stayed home and finished up a wall in our home, and it's looking quite nice as I notice it right now.

The crying has started, so I am off for now. I hope to check back in later tonight.

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