My Aim is True


My old friend Beverly

The evening was spent at a friend's - we all ended up helping her 12 year old with his science homework. Oh dear, dissent amongst the adults - so what exactley is the difference between convection, radiation and conduction. As I have got to through life without needing to know this I'll not worry too much about it.

Spent most of the day in front of PC - catching up on blips and facebook. Day ended in discovering that someone wants to be my facebook friend.... could be an interesting move...or it could open a can of worms. Will sleep on it.

Talking of friends, I caught up with my old friend Beverly tonight, couldn't believe that it's 30 years since we'd first met. And she's still excruciating; had to watch through my fingers.

With an amazing piece of synchronicity tomorrow is my 300th blip.

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