Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK

Exit the Courthouse

Jury duty day #4. We're done! - I think the system works. The person was quilty, and although I feel sorry for him and hope he gets some help, this was the right decision. A most interesting and educational (for the young lawyers as well!) process.
So here is one of Douglas Cooper's murals (charcoal and graphite on paper on panel) from the work "From these Hills, from these Waters" which cover all available walls on the first floor lobby. It's the history of the county, not necessarily consistent in time sequence. I love this one called "Lake Union"--the body of water that I live and row on. I chose to concentrate on the courthouse for my journal - 1 blip per day- and save some more of the downtown shots for another blip. Today was grey and drizzly anyway,for the first day of fall.

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