This tree always catches my eye when I go to one of my favourite vantage points for taking photos of Mount Torlesse. It is so stark and misshapen. I have often photographed it, but as it is just one in a double row of trees, I can never get a stand-alone shot of it. Worse still, just behind it is an ugly pylon that spoils the silhouette.

This morning I thought of the tree when I saw the heavy fog. I rushed out before breakfast to take a look, and sure enough the pylon had disappeared!

Today is the new moon so I sowed a lot of different seeds in pots and punnets. I'm not sure that I believe in sowing by the moon, but it concentrates my efforts at an appropriate time. Cool loving plants like lettuce get their start in the greenhouse, but cucumbers and zucchini will join the tomatoes indoors. I also weeded the asparagus and prepared several patches of vegetable garden for plants I have bought.

The soil is fairly dry and good to work, but rain is forecast for tomorrow. I wanted to get things done before then. Now I am very stiff and weary. Ah, to be a youngster again.

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