The Lozarithm Lens

By lozarithm

Long-tailed tit

Slightly sunnier day here today, but I wasn't able to get away from home until about 16:45 hr, and then only for a short walk down to Castlefields Park. I ended up at a stretch of the River Marden away from all the paths, where a kingfisher is known to visit. Along the way I got a number of reasonable shots, but not one that stood out as an obvious blip.
While I was waiting patiently for the kingfisher to show up (it didn't) I heard and then saw a buzzard, and also spotted this little bird in a tree high above me. It isn't entirely sharp, but as it is the first time I have photographed a long-tailed tit it is the chosen blip.

Smokey (as he was my blip of one year ago, I made sure to take some pictures of him when I got back)
Autumn leaves
Reflections #2 (taken at the same site as my previous Reflections shot, but rather too similar)
Autumn trees

It was my 200th blip a couple of days ago, but I had gaps on days 4 and 5, so this is my 200th consecutive blip.

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