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Now is that a view, or is that a view??

Today's walk was from Stonehaugh to Haltwhistle. We took the bus from Haltwhistle to Stonehaugh (a forestry village) and then started the 14 mile walk. The first 3 miles were on forestry tracks, so we completed them in 1 hour. That took us to Bellcrag flow, a peat bog. The drainage channels have been blocked here to keep the peat wet - it is then a huge sponge for carbon dioxide.

Beyond the bog we walked on the Pennine Way ("keep to the path - there is 4 feet of water on either side" said Colin, inducing obedience from all). Then we joined Hadrian's Wall Trail and crossed the country to Haltwhistle - a splendid walk.

In this image I have used the wide angle to let you see walkers with Crag Lough and Highshield Crags. The Crags are quite awe inspiring when you are near to them, and are diminished here by the lens. It does allow you to see the amazing country we walk in (plug for Festival of course!!)

Best viewed large

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