Desperately seeking

By clickychick

Septarian Nodule

Yesterday I noticed this polished stone sitting on the counter at work, not unususal, you might think, in a shop selling minerals! I picked it up and felt it's coolness in my hand, then I thought: J's had a reason for putting that just there and quickly put it down. When she arrived J said "I found that in the cupboard and put it out to ground us and help us focus on the jobs we have to get done"

Now, I'm not one who feels much energy from stones but J is so, OK, I thought and was amazed that three of us each felt we'd achieved so much. This morning I was working alone and slipped it in my pocket then I faced a challenge I've ignored for weeks: "Make me a cheerful bracelet with lots of colours, please". Now I'm more a subdued and co-ordinated sort of person not one for using striking contrast in designs. But I was quite pleased with the result!

Later in the day I thought I would look up the stone in The Crystal Bible and found it was just right for those wanting to do creative things and those who have a lot of creative ideas but don't usually get round to doing them. (Note to self: Get actual quote tomorrow!)

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