The view from here

This is the view from my kitchen window. It really is a lovely view to behold. Sometimes I wish I could see water from here. No, not sometimes - I always wish I could see water from here. If there is one thing about this town I live in I dislike (and to be honest, this is probably about the only thing I actually do dislike) it is that there is no large body of water here. No lake. No ocean. Not even a biggish puddle :(.

I grew up beside a very large lake (Lake Ontario) and have always missed living near water. I think I've bemoaned this before, here on Blip. Sorry to repeat myself ;)

Anyway, back to my initial point - while there is no large body of water, there are a *lot* of trees. And I really, really love these trees. I love the colours. I love the textures. I love the shade they give in the summer. I love everything about them. So, I guess it's not so bad living here.

It's been a fine day. Not lovely, as there has been a sort of misty rain all day. But I love that too. I've been out cleaning up around the yard and garden and garage. I've been enjoying the coolness and dampness.

I have a concert with the KW Symphony tonight. Sadly, my son Joel cannot attend tonight (mid-term exams at uni). But my buddy Jim is coming along. It should be a pretty cool concert tonight.

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