Early Morning Dog Walking

Oh dear, the vagaries of British weather.
It was a glorious morning, with blue skies and sunshine. It wasn't too cold as I took myself out before breakfast to try and capture the cherry trees in their autumn glory.
However the sun was too low in the sky to catch the branches and the carpet of fallen leaves.
I have made do with these two dog walkers in deep conversation, their breaths hanging in the air.

Later, I persuaded his Lordship to join me in planting the snowdrops. The soil looks a bit inhospitable, but snowdrops are hardy things and hopefully they will grow despite everything. As far as we know, the much publicised CTV cameras missed us: at least there has been no knock on the door as yet .

Because his Lordship is still in recovery from his life threatening mancold, we decided to bus it down the coast instead of cycling.

This turned out to be very entertaining as a young chap on the bus had a very long conversation with someone on his mobile phone, and we learned more or less everything about him, from his separation from his partner, where he took his daughter on last weekend's stay over, to the price of his new house, his mortgage and the deposit he had to put down.

Why on earth do people tell a whole busload of folk their life story? Amazing really, but totally entertaining. It was as much as we could do not to stare at him as we left the bus. I hope the 3 tickets he was picking up in Musselburgh for the Hibs football game tomorrow afford him and his two pals a good afternoon's entertainment.

On the way I notice ominous clouds appearing to the west, so instead of going further afield we hopped ( I use the word with a great dal of exaggeration) off the bus at Joppa and ambled back along the prom to Portobello where we caught a slightly more direct bus home.
It was a good move as the rain started in earnest and the day was suddenly transformed to a miserably wet and dark afternoon.

Perhaps it's just as well we weren't cycling after all.

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