Where is she?

Alice came back from London on the coach, via the A1. It arrived after 9 am rather than before 8, which would have been lovely for our fetching her, if we were brave enough to dig the car out of the snow in the drive. Instead she persuaded a taxi driver to take her as far as he could, which was near Gillespie crossroads where a snow plough was stuck. She walked home, changed and ate porridge, before setting off again for a First bus to Edinburgh and her new job as an elf.

Needless to say, by the time she got to work there was no snow coming down and much of the snow in the city centre was turning to mush.

Coming home was eventful when the LRT bus got stuck in a bus stop at the bottom of Kingsknowe. There was much comment on the bus about its being a woman driver, but the driver was very apologetic when a relief bus, driven by a man, came to take the passengers on to their destination.

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