Every Little Step

By moonfairy

One Week.

Today we went to say good-bye to Christian at the Chapel of Rest.

Lots of tears, but he looked so peaceful, and as if he was just asleep.

Later on we saw our vicar who will be conducting tomorrow's service. Beacause he was the children's school chaplain, he has lots of memories of Christian which he will recall tomorrow, which will be nice.

The cards and flowers are still coming.

At 5.45 tonight he has been gone exactly one week.

Tomorrow will be a difficult day, especially when we see all our family and friends.

I wish to thank everyone at blip for their kind comments. Until this happened to me I couldn't understand how people could write about these kind of situations so publicly. But I joined blip to give me something to focus on and surprisingly in this last week it has been a tremendous help for me to be able to put down my thoughts.

So thank you all for being there. It is really appreciated.

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