a town called E.

By Eej

Sam's back :)

She said: "I wasn't planning on coming back!"
I said: "I know! You're not supposed to be here!"

But car accidents don't pay for themselves and it's not been a good year to be Sam's car. It was especially shitty for Sam's FIRST (totalled) car, but life has not been kind to Sam's second car either.
Me: "THREE? You had 3 accidents?
Sam: "Only one of them was my fault!"

Well, that helps.

So she's back to brighten my days.

Before I left work I said:"I'm going to take your picture!" She said: "Only if you hang it in your house!" When I showed her what I had taken (all of which stinking cute, because she's our Sam and how could she NOT be stinking cute?) she said her head looks like it weighs 500 pounds.
I *pfffffff*-ed and said I was still going to hang it in my house.
She said I should make them into Christmas presents.
I said I'd make buttons with her face on it.
She said:"I think you should!"

I didn't have enough time to get all that done, but this is a start :)

Glad to have you back, Sam!

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