By ArcLight

This is not Antarctica

Nope. It's Inverary. We set off to go to our friends' birthday party in a village on Loch Awe, but only got as far as Inverary where admittedly we had a nice lunch in Brambles Cafe. The lady in the Coop advised against going any further on the grounds that there was five inches of snow on the road and no sign of a gritter and cars of which there were few were getting stuck. Caution dictated a retreat which luckily wasn't too messy or involve too many casualties even over the Rest and be Thankful.

Back in Edinburgh now contemplating tomorrow's 100th blip. I was hoping for something exotic and west coastish but it's seems we'll be Edinburgh based. Have some ideas but not sure yet.

In other news, I have upgraded the Streak to Android 2.2. The best thing by far is the swype keyboard. Not quite mastered its quirks yet, but my initial reaction is that it's fantastic.

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