Strangers #1

I've decided to embark on a 100 Strangers project. I've been seeing images from this project for a while and I really need to try it. So here goes!

The idea is that one should take 100 pictures of people one has never met before. But not just candid snaps of passing strangers - oh no! That would be too easy and cheating. One should approach your stranger first, introduce yourself and what you wish to do. Tell them a little about the project. Talk to them and get to know them a little. Then ask if you can take their picture. Tell them you plan to post it to the 100 Strangers group on Flickr.

Today, while taking a walk along the beach, I met these two women, Jennifer and Ty. We spoke for a couple of minutes about some swans I had taken pictures of a few minutes earlier. I thought this was the perfect time to ask about taking their picture for my new project. They were, as you can see, delighted to have their picture taken.

I had planned to get their dogs in the picture, but I like this crop much more. But I'll be posting a couple of other images on Flickr with their dogs and using one of the dogs included images for my submission.

I am also a little annoyed I did not notice that little sign right beside the woman on the right's head :( But I guess that is one of the things this project is supposed to teach us - how to see the image better.

Apparently, Jennifer or Ty or both will sometimes bring their camera to the beach while they walk their dogs. Maybe one day they will join our Blip community too? ;)

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