Miserable trip to Tesco earlier to scowl at the the rest of the miserable shoppers and miserable staff who looked like they would much rather be anywhere else than there today. Couldn't even park near the store front as around a third of their car park has turned into a pond during the thaw. The remainder, like most of the tarmac on the road there, has taken a battering and is coming apart in great massive pot-holey lumps. Looks like some of those billions of profit may have to be spent getting things back in order. What a shame.

Took a slippery shuffle down to the pond to snap some pics but to be honest the whole place just looks miserable just now. All the 'stuff' that's been thrown on to the pond to test out how hard the ice was is all just lying on the surface in a scum of liquid and all the dog crap that was enveloped in the layers of snow has now been released and has dribbled down on to the slowly emerging grass. Did I say it was all looking miserable?

Didn't even attempt any of the miserable TV this evening and watched some Christmas DVDs instead. I even managed a whole bottle of Crabbie's alcoholic ginger beer, the first in what seems like weeks (it's actually only 10 days or so but, for anyone that knows me, is a long, long time; my liver thinks my throat's been cut).

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